Writing a math textbook

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What software can I use to write a math book rich in graphics?

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Writing a citation for a textbook in Modern Language Association format is usually a straightforward process once you find the necessary information on the textbook's title page.

However, textbooks often have more than one author or are collected works by an editor, so you need to know how to cite based on several textbook variables. Writing a math book requires careful and meticulous planning.

Every chapter must introduce new concepts, and the problem sets, ideas and explanations must be carefully designed to. SO, YOU WANT TO WRITE A TEXTBOOK: One Author's Experience. by David A.

How to Write a Math Book

Rees Southern Utah University () [email protected] SO, YOU WANT TO WRITE A TEXTBOOK. Mar 26,  · The trouble with math textbooks, is that there is no market for them.

The professor chooses the textbook, and is often motivated by a desire to impress his colleagues with the rigor used. One tool to track issues & release great software. Try Jira for free. For any technical writing, I recommend LaTeX for typesetting because the equation formatting is unrivaled, and using a simple vector drawing program like xfig, which is great for 2D diagrams.

I confess LaTeX has a learning curve.

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Aug 25,  · Hello, I am wanting to write a math/physics book or possibly a PDF online book and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any programs that exists for making pictures.

Writing a math textbook
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