That smile really changed my day

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“Don’t Move to Vancouver”: Why I Changed My Mind After 6 Months

After a spinal tap led to a cerebrospinal leak, my life of travel and food changed overnight. To mark ten years of long term travel, I wanted to share what really happened after the lumbar puncture, and during the craziness of these last seven months trying to fix the leak.

Its 6 months later after my smile makeover and so far I am very satisfied. I am still getting the compliments plus I am still getting lots of friendly smiles from the younger generation. Sinsational Smile is an eco-friendly, green certified dental whitening system clinically proven to whiten teeth between shades in 20 minutes without causing painful sensitivity.

If you want to achieve a whiter smile with Sinsational Smile, contact your Dental Professional. Wow. This is the most fair and balanced representation that I’ve seen on this matter.


I admit, before reading the full article, I immediately had an immense amount of fear in my heart that this article was going to provide fuel to all of the angry wives out there to immediately file for divorce, including my.

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That smile really changed my day
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