Site investigation in construction

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Site Investigations

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We provide site testing services across the UK, and our area of expertise lies in the North and North West of England, which has a diverse set of soils. Site Investigation Services. Site Testing Services Ltd was established in and continues to provide NATIONWIDE site testing services throughout the UK.

From Plate Load Testing to /5(10). Why carry out site investigations? Construction: Are there any potential ground or ground water conditions that would affect the construction?

Site investigation in construction

Contamination: Any possibilities of the site being contaminated? Materials: Are there any materials available on site, what quantity and quality?. a direct relationship between low site investigation expenditure and increased construction costs, have demonstrated that low levels of investigation result in large uncertainties (Whyte, ).

Whether it is dredging, marine engineering, reclamation, or drilling, no offshore works are executed without thorough site investigation works.

Accurate estimates of soil characteristics and geotechnical properties determine the success, and profitability, of a project. Site Analysis. Understanding all the features of a site, using and protecting the best, and minimising the impact of the worst.

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Site investigation in construction
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