Protection of youth in germany

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IRIS 2002-9:15/30

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Guest Post: What you need to know about Youth Protection rules for games in Germany

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The Jugendschutzgesetz, or Youth Protection Act, in Germany specifically deals with the rights and responsibilities of adolescents.

When traveling abroad it is always good to know if there are any age restrictions. Corinna Bienger, our German correspondent, says, “these laws in Germany are the most complicated laws I ever read. As such, it is as yet unknown whether a ban on the publication of these lists could be a violation of the Youth Protection Act.

If it is not, then such a ban would not be permitted under article 5 of the German constitution. The German youth protection system has two branches, the Youth Protection Act (YPA) and the State Treaty on Youth Protection in the Media (STYPM).

The reforms impact the STYPM part of the rules and there are two areas that will be of particular interest to online game providers. FAQ - Youth Labor Laws What is the legal working age in Germany? The earliest age somebody could start working in Germany is 13, with parental permission, but those options are extremely limited.

Youth legislation is shaped first and foremost by Germany’s Social Code—Volume 8, which deals specifically with child and youth welfare services, and more recently by the Protection of Young People Act.

Germany is a party to the global conventions that protect the rights of the child, yet Germany prefers to interpret these according to the precepts of European agreements, in particular the European Human Rights Convention, and also in accordance with German Constitutional guarantees.

Protection of youth in germany
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