Microcontroller base scada system

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Microcontroller based automation system using industry standard SCADA Abstract: SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a type of industrial control system.

In typical industrial automation applications, PLCs are used to communicate between the plant and SCADA. Microcontroller based SCADA System Using GSM is capable of monitoring and controlling the industrial processes & switching of the electronic devices.

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In past 7 years we have trained + candidates and out of which we are able to place + professionals successfully in various industries. RF Tutorials. satellite Tutorial-This satellite tutorial covers satellite function,frquency bands,network,parts,orbits,services,types,capacity allocation,network configurations,usagiftsshops.com more >> This antenna tutorial covers basic functions of antenna, field regions around antenna,antenna types and terms related to antenna.

Antenna is a device used to transmit and receive.

Microcontroller base scada system
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