Impact of culture on women entrepreneurship

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Impact of culture on women entrepreneurship

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Lake Village, Arkansas: Small Town, Big Dreams

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As one of the world's leading higher education institutions, IE shapes leaders with a global vision, humanistic approach, and entrepreneurial spirit. The significance of the impact of culture on women entrepreneurs in the UAE and Middle East should not be underestimated or ignored by policymakers seeking a better understanding of women’s entrepreneurship in the Arab world.

Women play an important role in entrepreneurship although feminine entrepreneurship is lower than masculine entrepreneurship. However, the distance between both entrepreneurship rates (male–female) varies across countries because of the influence of different roles and stereotypes on entrepreneurial behavior.

29 VEETHIKA-An Interdisciplinary International Research Journal © QTanalytics x electronic ISSN Impact of Culture on Women Entrepreneurship in Goa Nikitaa Srivastav Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research University, Udaipur.

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Impact of culture on women entrepreneurship
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