Attempt to write a readonly database sqlite ios swift

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It can also create, delete and update tables in the database. It keeps saying "attempt to write a readonly database".

With other tools (Gears, SQLite Admin) it works but SQLite GUI is not having it. for the main database to be read. error "attempt to write a readonly database".

Attempt to write a readonly database… but I'm not

I have a database I have created and populated with various tables and data. I now want to create a new table and I get. I am attempting to write to a database of quotes I have created.

If the user selects the "favorite" button, it will add a 1 (or true) value into the favorite column on the SQLITE database.

For some. call information from database SQLite and show Tex Save form serialize data to the Sqlite database ja How to insert new artist into android audio databa.

It is failed to update the sqlite table on my physical device. I searched around the web, I have update the permission (chmod ), copy the sqlite to the documents folder.

But it is still not work. How to retrieve data from sqlite database by categ Convert String to character if character not match Embedded Sqlite database with Ormlite and JavaFX.

Attempt to write a readonly database sqlite ios swift
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